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Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Plastic surgery techniques at the "Dermatologica" clinic are performed under non-invasive local infiltrative anesthesia (injection of Lidocaine or Xylocaine) into the skin. The pain is negligible, the anesthetic works quickly and you don't feel any discomfort afterwards. Each local anesthetic injection may cause swelling and bruising, which resolves in 7-10 days. These interventions are similar in invasiveness as to a visit to the dentist. They are performed in outpatient settings, no preparation is required, except a light meal and taking the usual daily therapy the patient is regularly using. In exceptional cases, if the patient is on constant therapy with some of the anti-aggregation drugs (Aspirin, Farin, etc.) - short pause in therapy for a few days is necessary before the intervention. There is no surgical intervention that does not leave a scar, but in most cases that scar is almost invisible or aesthetically acceptable. Wounds are sutured with atraumatic instruments and sutures, sometimes resorbable (non-removable), and most often with sutures that are removed in 7 (face) or 14 (other parts of the body) days.

Plastic surgery procedures available at Dermatologika clinic:

  • Excisions of benign and malignant skin tumors

  • Corrections: Scar, Eyelids, Lips, Auricles, Intimate Regions

  • Ingrown nails

  • Ingrown hair - Hidradenitis, Pilonidal sinus

  • Removal of adipose tissue - Atheroma, Lipoma, Sebaceous cysts

  • Surgical removal of eyelid xanthelasma

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