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Total body scan

Total body scan

Standardized whole body photography combined with digital dermoscopy is currently, without a doubt, the best method for comprehensive follow-up of patients who have a large number of moles. The FotoFinder camera capturesthe entire skin and individual moles over time and to detect pathological changes as early as possible. The system monitors each individual mole and captures the entire skin surface. In the photograph of the whole body, all the moles are marked in a few seconds, and a dermoscopic image can be assigned to each individual mole. If necessary, the software can immediately give a second opinion with a rating of malignancy.  High-risk patients are examined every three months. During the follow-up process, photos are saved, and the software then compares the images with previous visits.


With this method, it is possible to detect a malignant skin tumor at the earliest stage, compare each individual mole over time and prevent unnecessary removal of benign skin changes. Total body scan is primarily intended for people who have a large number of moles (more than 50), people who have already had a malignant skin tumor or members of their families who have had a malignant skin tumor. 

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