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Examinations of children and adults

Examinations of children and adults

At the DERMATOLOGIKA clinic, it is possible to perform a dermatological examination of children and adults. A complete dermatological examination includes an examination of the skin, hair, nails and visible mucous membranes. A large number of diseases occurs more frequently at certain periods of life. Fungal infections of the head, bacterial infections of the face, viral infections (warts and mollusca), atopic dermatitis, can be seen more often in children, and acne is predominantly known as a skin disorder of the adolescent population. Psoriasis, rosacea, contact dermatitis, systemic connective tissue diseases, and skin tumors are significantly more common in adult patients. It should be emphasised that preventive examinations once a year are necessary in the early diagnosis of malignant skin tumors. Dermoscopy Dermoscopy is a simple, non-invasive, quickly feasible and very useful method by which it is possible to make a more reliable diagnosis of pigmented lesions, and especially to distinguish melanoma from other benign pigmented changes. The clinical reliability of diagnosing melanoma with the "naked eye" is estimated at 65%, and dermoscopic examination significantly improves this reliability by almost30%.This examination of pigment changes is undoubtedly necessary in the early detection of melanoma. Also, with this method, early detection of other skin tumors is possible. The examination itself is very easy to perform, and the obtained image can be saved in a computer, after a certain time compared with an earlier dermoscopic image or sent to another dermatologist for additional expertise. Given the increasing incidence of skin tumors, we advise that patients who have a large number of moles visit their dermatologist at least once a year for a dermoscopic examination. For people who notice by self-examination, that some changes on the skin are unusual, that they are different from others: change over time, grow, get more colors, irregular shape and edges - it is necessary to perform dermoscopy. Patients who have a large number of moles on their skin, need to do a digital dermoscopy of the whole body (total body scan). This examination gives the possibility to save each dermoscopic image, compare it with the new image on subsequent examinations, and the device itself allows new lesions, or lesions that have changed to be detected as early as possible.

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