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Allergy tests

Allergy tests


At our clinic we perform two types of tests - prick skin tests that diagnose an early hypersensitivity reaction, and epicutaneous tests that diagnose a late hypersensitivity reaction.

Prick skin tests


Prick skin tests are used in the diagnosis of allergic reactions to inhalation allergens in patients who have symptoms of allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc.). Based on your medical history and clinical examination, your dermatologist will indicate testing for a specific group of allergens.


Patch tests


Patch testing is used to detect the cause of dermatitis (eczema), which may be a consequence of skin contact with an allergen that causes skin inflammation due to an allergic or irritating reaction. The irritating substance causes inflammation of the skin at the point of contact in almost every person. Allergic dermatitis occurs when the skin makes contact with a substance that is often present in the environment, but only some people react to it, i.e. they are allergic. Patch tests reveal this kind of allergy..


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